Low-level laser therapy is also called red light therapy, cold laser, soft laser, biostimulation, and photobiomodulation. Laser therapy is a safe form of light/heat treatment under investigation for a variety of health indications. The theory is that when hair follicles absorb laser light at a certain level, it stimulates hair to grow. It is being used to treat the genetic forms of hair loss common in men and women, androgenetic alopecia, or pattern balding.
Laser hair therapy uses medical-grade lasers to deliver safe, low-level laser light to your scalp. Like the water and nutrients absorbed by plants, the light energy is absorbed by hair follicles so that the hair can continue to grow. As the light is absorbed, microcirculation increases, therefore distributing a more abundant blood supply and nutrients to the hair follicle. Low-level laser light stimulates cellular activity in your follicles to help diminish hair loss while helping regrow hair.
Physicians use a system known as the Norwood-Hamilton Classification (men) and the Ludwig-Savin Scale (women) to describe the degree of hair loss. Low-level laser therapy is intended for the promotion of hair growth in males who have Norwood Hamilton Classifications of IIa to V and in females who have Ludwig (Savin) I-4, II-1, II-2, or frontal patterns of hair loss and have Fitzpatrick skin phototypes I to IV,

The Laser program also works in conjunction with our range of Trichology formulated shampoos and conditioners, alongside subtle concealment products which camouflage balding and areas of thinning hair.

Stocked with laser-emitting diodes that are strategically placed to fully and evenly cover your scalp, the best laser hair-growth devices reactivate your hair’s natural growth pattern by promoting blood circulation and collagen production, resulting in increased hair growth and thickness. Available in a wide range of intensities and models, these innovative at-home hair-growth devices offer a customizable treatment and are designed to create a safe and convenient experience. FDA-cleared and clinically proven to deliver results, you can choose between discrete laser hair-growth caps, headbands, helmets and scalp-massaging brushes depending on your preferences. Consult with your dermatologist and/or physician to determine if laser hair therapy is the best course of action to treat your hair loss concerns.

Some benefits of laser treatment:
-Increase hair strength
-increases the blood supply to the scalp by 54% after only one treatment.
-Stimulates hair follicles.
-Stops the progression of hair loss in 85% of customers.
-Can be used in both men and women
-Fixed hair growth on the crown of the head along the line of the forehead
-Increase hair density
-Environmentally safe

Laser Hair Loss Treatment: Is It Safe?
Low-level laser hair therapy meets all international safety standards and legislative specifications of a “non-significant risk” product. Low-level laser hair loss treatment is proven safe, classified as a Class IIIA cosmetic laser.

The energy produced by the photons does not have the thermal component to cause thermal injuries to users or operators. Laser light energy does not change or alter molecular structures.