Nothing can improve your appearance better than a new hairstyle and color, but not taking proper precautions when dyeing your hair can cause chemical burns to your scalp.
Hair dye may have a variety of adverse effects on the scalp. A person may get burned after dyeing their hair. Chemical burns on the scalp can be caused by certain additives and chemicals or from leaving the hair wrapped in foil under the dryer for an extended period.
Most people are very careful. Sometimes scabs will form after application. In this case, do not wash your hair for at least a few days and avoid applying more chemicals to your hair. Let the natural oils moisturize the scalp, and in turn, when you brush your hair, the scabs will fall off. The scab was itchy and uncomfortable.
Itching and scratching can make the situation worse. The more a person scratches, the greater the chance of infection.

How long does a hair chemical burn last?
This depends on how severe the burn is caused. It may take up to two weeks for a chemical burn to fully heal. You may have burning pain during this period. If blister form, do not pop out. These blisters protect delicate tissue and can cause infection if broken. Instead, leave the blister alone.

How to treat chemical hair burn?
If you have a burn on your scalp, do these three things as soon as possible.
1) Immediately wash the scalp with plenty of water. …
2) Rinse the affected area with cold running water for at least 10 minutes
3) Do not scrub, scratch, or clean the scalp.

Can scalp burns cause hair loss?
Hair loss that is caused by chemical damage is a direct result of the hair follicles being damaged. Damaged hair follicles cannot grow new, healthy hair.
Third and fourth-degree burns damage the lower layers of the skin, including the hair follicles, destroying the hair follicles and causing scarring. Unfortunately, these scars mean that the hair loss is permanent. A second-degree burn usually doesn’t destroy the hair follicles and is not curable.